28 April 2012

What's For Dinner - April 29th Edition

So over at HJ Waxing Moon my lovely SIL made a great post about menu planning. While I am not nearly as methodical as she is about it, it's a practice that I enjoy. And so I figured that I would revive the sometimes regular practice of posting up my weekly menu! This week is going to be a nice, regular week, with nothing out of the ordinary going on, so it's pretty straightforward to plan for. Plus, I get the whole weekend off next week (and a couple of days after that too!) which means some nice relaxing time to cook, clean, and garden!

Sunday - Leftovers/Graduation Party Attendance
Monday - Mac n' Cheese w/ green salad and other veg
Tuesday - Beans with Sausage & Greens
Wednesday - Chicken Curry in the Crock Pot
Thursday - French Onion Soup & Mystery Dish
Friday - Steak Fajitas
Saturday - Pasta

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend, it was kinda grey and drizzly here today for U of M's graduation, but it was better then the snow that they were forecasting! Hopefully I'll be back out in the garden on Tuesday if the rain holds off to get the seeds in the raised bed, with pictures once it's all put together and planted!

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