14 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I actually gave my mother's day gift to my mom yesterday because of work schedules, but it's worth saying again. Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there, we wouldn't be here without you.

There's probably going to be a mid-week post with pictures, because while I've gotten a lot done with the yard and the garden, I haven't had time to take pictures! I have radishes, peas, chard, and beets that are putting up shoots already!! Donald was the first to notice them, saying that I either had radishes, or just freakishly orderly weeds :-) The hops are up and we will be running their strings later this week as they climb up, since they are growing pretty fast already! All three raised beds are finished, we just have to fill the third one with soil and finish the trellis on the north bed for the tomatoes and peas to climb up. Speaking of tomatoes.. I totally thought I had managed to kill one of my tomato plants, but after a bit in time out (and having already gotten a replacement) it perked right back up, so now it's in a pot by itself and doing pretty well.

This week's menu is pretty straight forward... I'm back to what can affectionately be called my "regular" schedule this coming week so no surprises when it comes to work and such. Game night is Wednesday so I'm cooking for the usual crowd.

Sunday - Tacos
Monday - Slumgullion
Tuesday - Baked "Fish & Chips"
Wednesday - Farm-stand Chili & Cornbread
Thursday - Bi Bim Bop
Friday - Salads
Saturday -  Pasta

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