15 January 2014

Knitting Tiny Things

One of the things that I've been enjoying about being pregnant has been the whole new genre of tiny knitted things that I get to enjoy making. After a binge in the first couple of weeks I have a rainbow of tiny hats ready to adorn adorable tiny heads. I have a couple of other things that I have tucked away over the years, as I fell in love with patterns and just made them with the intention of "someday". And now that someday is today, I have been pulling those things out of the corners that they were tucked into and building a whole new kind of hope chest for this kid.

It's also been really cool to have the whole color palette at my disposal. One of the decisions that D and I made early on was to keep the sex of the baby a surprise. There were a lot of different factors that went into that decision, but one of the fun side effects of that decision is the way that the rainbow opens up when the choosing isn't colored (haha) by boy vs. girl. Another decision that I've been able to play with was the decision that we are going to cloth diaper, so my current project on the needles is a felted diaper cover! I am using a pattern I really love, with the goal that if I knit one and it turns out well, I will probably use it as a pattern to cut out a couple more from recycled sweaters from the thrift store.

I'll get some pictures up here at some point of all the cute, but for the moment, the laundry is calling!


  1. Booties only take like 20 stitches to make, right?