16 August 2009

Breakfast and what comes after

This morning, I made breakfast. Currant Scones, eggs, and bacon (Tessie will have to tell you what kind of bacon it was). *It was Arkansas style bacon with Balinese Long Pepper from Zingerman's.*

My scone cookbook is Simply Scones, which I picked up a copy of because my dad made me give his back to him.

As I was preparing to make scones however, I realised I had precious little about to put on them, other than butter and come strawberry preserves. So, I brought out the can of Seville Oranges I bought a year ago, and followed the directions on the can to make a batch of orange marmalade. It actually turned out, which required a trip to the Food Co-op to get canning jars, and actually learning how to do heat canning.

SUCCESS! Not only did I can the marmalade, I also made a mint jelly, though I had to add more pectin and reduce the jelly down quite a bit more than the recipe called for. I used more of the Kentucky Colonial, and have plans for a lamb roast in the near future.

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