05 August 2009

Ginger Grouse and Introductions

This is intended to be a kitchen adventure blog. My husband and I are usually found in the kitchen and it is usually the cleanest room of the entire house as a result. I'll be documenting our attempts, successes, and abject failures. Armed with a compliment of cast iron and enough whiskey for the cook and the recipe it will always be something new around here!

I'll leave you tonight with a fun summer cocktail that is good for both entertaining and finding the courage to clean up after the latest adventure.

Ginger Grouse:

You'll Need -
Famous Grouse Whiskey
Lime wedge
Good Spicy Ginger Ale

In a high ball glass, mix 2 measures of whiskey and squeeze the lime wedge in. Fill the glass with ice and top off with the ginger ale. Garnish with the lime wedge and enjoy!

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