31 January 2011

Things I Love #1

This week is going to be interesting... It looks like Tuesday night we are expecting the latest in the litany of snow storms this winter which has been dubbed #SnowofDOOM on Twitter. I'm not too worried at this point, I work early on Tuesday so I should be home before it really gets bad and then mid-day on Wednesday where I can depend on the bus system here in town to do the icky driving for me. As a result the food this week defiantly skewed towards cold weather comfort food.

Monday: Split Pea Soup
Tuesday: Risotto with Sun-dried Tomatoes & Smoked Mozzarella
Wednesday: Crockpot Gumbo with Cornbread
Thursday: No Dinner Planned (no one will be home this night)
Friday: Falafel w/ fixings
Saturday: Ash or Donald to decide (I won't be home)
Sunday: Leftovers

Previous to this I have been just writing out the week's menu on a divided sheet of white paper. But this past Saturday I got a chance to hang out with Donald downtown for a bit and visited the new(ish) kitchen and home section of Hollander's in the Kerrytown Shops. When I was there I found this awesome Weekly Menu Notepad that I just couldn't say no to! If you follow that link you'll get to the website of Knock Knock, a company that I have just fallen in love with. Their paper products are fun and functional and do it all with a charmingly dry wit. I already loved doing a weekly menu, but this makes it even better!

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