10 January 2011

What's For Dinner?

So week two of my endeavor to record my menu every week and so far so good. Our weeks start on Monday around here at the Rose & Thistle and so tonight was the first night of a new week. We had a lovely dinner tonight of potato pancakes with a green salad. Last week overall was pretty good but the menu broke down over the weekend when I was at work during dinner time. Anyone who is paying attention will note that the potato pancakes were originally on the menu for last night (Sunday), but were indeed made and consumed today. Such is life, but it's ok - they were still delicious! So this week's menu is as follows:

Monday: Potato Pancakes (from the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook
Tuesday: Ham & Bean Soup (from Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes
Wednesday: Rotini with Home-made Pasta Sauce
Thursday: Falafel with Lavash and Tabbouli Salad
Friday: Hosting a Party so Dinner will be Party Food!
Saturday: Split-Pea Soup
Sunday: Sloppy Joes (from Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes

In knitting, I got a pair of mittens done for my brother's girlfriend. They turned out pretty fab and she really loved them. I posted about them on Ravelry, with pictures. I am almost done with my brother's sweater but I broke a needle and I'm currently waiting on the superglue to dry so that I can finish. In an effort to be calm about the broken needle I started a pair of kilt hose for Donald. I'm almost through the calf shaping on the first one and it's going along swimmingly. In general I'm fighting a huge case of startitist (I blame the Yarn Harlot for spreading this pernicious disease via the internet!) I have all sorts of things that I want to start for myself, now that I'm not needing to knit for others for the holidays, but I am trying to limit myself to a reasonable number of projects.

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