03 January 2011

I'm still here

The last quarter of last year was a doozy. There wasn't much time for me to take for myself and the little that was, was spent recharging for the next day or the next event. But I made it to the other side of the year and it's a brand spanking new year. For now I'm going to try and post each week's menu that I write here on the blog and I'll pepper in some knitting and such when I get the chance. So in the spirit of starting as I mean to go on here's the menu for the first full week of the year:

Monday: Lamb and Lentil Soup (adapted from the Better Homes and Gardens Low-Carb Slow Cooker book)
Tuesday: Pasta with Tuna & Tomato Sauce (sauce from the summer canning and ortiz tinned tuna)
Wednesday: Lasagna with Chard & Eggplant (from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison)
Thursday: Leftovers from the Fridge
Friday: 7 Bean & Barley Soup with Beef (mix from our local co-op)
Saturday: Falafel with Hummus
Sunday: Latkes with sour cream (from the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook)

My New Year's "resolution" is to take advantage of my prodigious cookbook library and to cook at least one recipe out of a cookbook that I own at least once a week. So here is where I hope to keep track of my progress on that goal.

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